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The new 224 SWTOR 4.0 EndGame Gear will drop from each boss in the “preferred” operation for selected week

Every week a different Hard Mode Operation will be designated as “High Priority”. Inside each boss will drop the highest gear available in Fallen Empire – items level 224 in addition to the normal item level 220 gear. The rest of the HM Operations for the same week will drop gear for “standard Hard Mode” item level 220. Furthermore, each boss will has a special token assigned to them, the loot will not be random!

More info on this and other related topics you can find in the quoted Dev Posts from today:

WTB Musco! Rest of promised BLOGS??? | 10.15.2015, 10:45 AM

Let me take a crack at some of these!

  • Great question. Each week, one hard mode Operation is designated as a “High-Priority Target,” players can see which Operation this is by visiting the fleet and visiting the FP/Op section. There you will find a Target Analysis Computer with a holo version of the last boss of the Op with text specifying the Op, the boss will also have a buff indicating this inside the Op. Under normal circumstances, a HM boss will be dropping ilvl 220. If they are the High-Priority Target, they will also drop ilvl 224 in addition to their normal drops.

Hi guys, if you haven't heard by now, Community Manager Eric Musco ran a live stream of the new expansion and went over a vast amount of new things coming in fallen empire, and I mean A LOT.

Currently I am at work but I will be doing another summit later this evening for what he went over in Fallen Empire, Becuase of this, the class changes summit will be pushed back next week.  Today we will go more into crafting, companions and gear changes.

If you missed the stream, Dulfy has posted the whole thing on Youtube (WARNING: first 53 minutes of the stream contains spoilers from Chapter 1.  If you been avoiding any discusssions of the chapters like the plague I suggest skipping to around the 53-54 minute marker, where most of the juicy intel is held)

Tonight's summit will take place at 8pm EST

Enjoy the video

Journey Wow, a lot of new things coming but it's the class changes that I am most interested in. I was one person who was ...